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drenched to the skin

To be completely soaked with water—usually rain—through one's clothes. Come in out of that rain! Oh, you're drenched to the skin, you'll catch cold if you aren't careful!
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drench in

To cover or saturate with something (typically a liquid). A noun or pronoun can be used between "drench" and "in." I forgot my umbrella today and got drenched in the rain. You can always count on Bill to drench his pancakes in syrup.
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drench someone or something in something

 and drench someone or something with something
to soak someone or something in something. A sudden summer shower drenched them in sheets of rain. My raincoat was drenched with droplets from the foggy night air.
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In this way, it is possible to study the movement of heat and smoke spreading out of building compartment on fire to the refuge level (both with and without drencher retardation).
In this example, moreover, the facade design of a building with balconies obviated the need for a drencher system.
Review on the design and scientific aspects for drencher systems in different countries, Architectural Science Review 45: 323-335.
Experimental studies on patterns of water curtain discharged from eight nozzles of drencher system, Journal of Applied Fire Science 13(2): 125-137.
ORLANDO-BASED NEW BEVERAGE INSIGHTS JUICEWORKS, producer of the Drenchers line of bottled juices, unveiled Sun Shower, a new line of all-natural beverages.
Try Fruit Drenchers - strawberries, raspberries and cherries drenched in real fruit juices and dried (69p per 20g bag from Tesco).
Our Sun Shower Organic Super Blends are a great alternative to the over-priced, boring and bland coffee drinks you buy at those self-proclaimed 'hip' coffee shops," said Chris New, founder, chairman and CEO of NBI Juiceworks, producers and distributors of Drenchers and Sun Shower brand products.
NBI Juiceworks(TM) (New Beverage Insights Juiceworks(TM), LLLP), produces and distributes Drenchers and Sun Shower brand products.