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drench in

To cover or saturate with something (typically a liquid). A noun or pronoun can be used between "drench" and "in." You can always count on Bill to drench his pancakes in syrup.
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drench with (something)

To cover or saturate someone or something with some kind of liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "drench" and "with." You can always count on Bill to drench his pancakes with syrup. We got drenched with rain coming home.
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drenched to the skin

To be completely soaked with water—usually rain—through one's clothes. Come in out of that rain! Oh, you're drenched to the skin, you'll catch cold if you aren't careful!
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drench someone or something in something

 and drench someone or something with something
to soak someone or something in something. A sudden summer shower drenched them in sheets of rain. My raincoat was drenched with droplets from the foggy night air.
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Have I ever been drenched with the cold water of discouragement and disappointment before?
His company, Drenched, is currently in talks with a potential manufacturing partner in Europe with a UK distributor.
Mr Prebble said Sunday "has the potential" to see another 5mm to 10mm to complete a damp end to a drenched week.
There were two more similar gushes which drenched his lower clothing.
The trial went on to examine lamb performance from the treated ewes which were drenched at eight weeks with 7.5ml of Liquithrive Lamb and a further 15ml dose at weaning at approximately 18 weeks.
Many a time I've had a late bowl of Special K drenched in ice-cold milk, but on Thursday I thought it would be wise to opt for a bowl of brown sugar drenched in ice-cold Coca Cola.
In the name of all merciful God-Allah-Jehovah--amid great misery and loud lament--the land was drenched with blood.
The storm that blew in from the west ripped off part of the roof of the largest stage ever constructed in North America, drenched over 600 bishops and cardinals, and even soaked the Pope.
Or seen the keys drenched in sweat and other fluids after marathon late night sessions (of the gaming variety, of course) alone in my bedroom.
I totally agree with Latino Leaders' publishers that our society is "media drenched" (April/May edition), and wonder why LL is always filled with media Latinos, instead of real leaders?
Tropical Storm Allison, which drenched parts of eastern Texas, Louisiana and other states with as much as 32 inches of rain in early June is expected to cost insurers at least $1.2 billion-$1 billion of that in Texas alone, according to the Insurance Services Office Inc.'s Property Claim Services unit.
in her exclusive photo portfolio - It's all Anna Nicole Smith wet and wild, drenched in sun and powder sugar sand." If the manager of Downtown AOL, a member of Congress' beloved private sector, couldn't tell the difference between Ms.
CORONATION STREET Mon, Wed, Fri ITV1 If any more dirty water came flooding through the ceiling and into the back room of the Rovers, it wouldn't be a plumber that a drenched Stella and Eva would need to call out, but Noah himself.
Sandy drenched the impoverished country's south with more than 50 centimeters of rain in 24 hours.
Summary: Stars of TV, music and movies were drenched with green slime at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards in LA on Saturday.