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drench in

To cover or saturate with something (typically a liquid). A noun or pronoun can be used between "drench" and "in." You can always count on Bill to drench his pancakes in syrup.
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drench with (something)

To cover or saturate someone or something with some kind of liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "drench" and "with." You can always count on Bill to drench his pancakes with syrup. We got drenched with rain coming home.
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drenched to the skin

To be completely soaked with water—usually rain—through one's clothes. Come in out of that rain! Oh, you're drenched to the skin, you'll catch cold if you aren't careful!
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drench someone or something in something

 and drench someone or something with something
to soak someone or something in something. A sudden summer shower drenched them in sheets of rain. My raincoat was drenched with droplets from the foggy night air.
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Drenches and trunk injections were conducted per the procedures followed in 2013.
Subs (not used): MacDonald (gk), Buddle GUISELEY: Drench, Hurst, Lowe, Lockwood, Lawlor, Smith (N.
The cows were randomly distributed on the day of calving in one of the two following treatments: (1) Drench (N = 32): receiving 40 L of warm water with 500 g calcium chloride, 300 mL propileneglycol, 250 g de potassium chloride, 250 g de magnesium sulphate, 50 g de sodium chloride and 100 g protected choline.
Vauxhall's Paul Taylor looks on as Southport keeper Steven Drench blocks his effort on goal Pictures: JOE KEARNEY
GROUNDED: Morecambe keeper Steve Drench denies Lee Peacock
Eight minutes from time Anthony Peacock was sent sprawling by Craig Barr and it was Graham who stepped forward to send Drench the wrong way from the spot.
Body Drench "Flawliss" Sunless Tanning lotion delivers a natural looking tan without the sun, and Body Drench Sweet XTC Age-Defying Tan Maximizer with Bronzers is formulated with aloe vera gel, carrot seed and ginkgo.
As long as the same drench is used, selection pressure in favour of the resistant worms continues.
BRADFORD 1 BLYTH SPARTANS 1 BLYTH Spartans extended their unbeaten run to 14 matches - but were denied all three points following a last-minute penalty save from Bradford Park Avenue goalkeeper Steven Drench.
Despite dominating the second half, Rovers looked like they would have to settle for a point until goalkeeper Steven Drench clipped Norwood in the box who got up to convert the pressure kick.
Today we've teamed up with Budgens and Londis to give you a free Juicy Drench cranberry and raspberry drink, plus a free 10 pack of Wagon Wheel Wheelies chocolate biscuits.
Early in the second half Emms forced Steve Drench into a good save before Billy Mason headed in the equaliser on 66 minutes.
More recently it started to bottle the company's range of Drench Spring Water.
"The drench was effective to a point but we were having to drench every three to four weeks and it was getting very expensive," says Mr Isaac, of Mynachdu Farm, Ynysybwl, Pontypridd.
A cross from Peter Faulds on the right wing struck the top of Matt Hocking's head, with the ball sailing over Steve Drench before bouncing into the net.