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dredge up

1. Literally, to take out material in order to increase the depth of a body of water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." I think we can deepen the pond by dredging up some more sand.
2. To pull something from the depths of a body of water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." Hopefully, the divers will be able to dredge up more pieces of the plane today, and we can start analyzing them.
3. By extension, to resume the discussion of something (usually something unpleasant or troublesome). A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." Can we all please try not to dredge up old hurts at this year's Thanksgiving dinner?
4. To find or obtain something after much searching. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." What else can we do to dredge up support for this petition? I was able to dredge up some of the suspect's financial records.
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dredge someone or something

1. . Lit. to scoop something up from underwater. The workers dredged the lifeless body up from the cold black water. They dredged up the mud from the riverbed.
2. Fig. to use some effort to seek and find someone or something. I will see if I can dredge a date up for Friday. Can you dredge up a date for me? I don't have a wrench here, but I'll see if I can dredge one up from the basement.
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dredge up

1. To deepen some body of water by digging and removing material from its bottom: They'll have to dredge up the river, or else the larger ships won't be able to pass through. Because the stream was hard to navigate, the farmer paid someone to dredge it up.
2. To raise something from the bottom of a body of water: The workers dredged up a car from the bottom of the lake. They dredged a lot of garbage up from the bottom of the canal.
3. To bring something back into discussion or importance, especially something unpleasant: I wish you hadn't dredged up that issue with our boss. I had been content to forget about the accident until my neighbor dredged it up by asking me questions about it.
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There have been other benefits from the introduction of the suction dredges. Gold recovery has improved because of the absence of clay in the jigs.
Brennan realized that they needed to work with a dredging manufacturer that could accommodate their needs with a customized dredge and were introduced to DSC Dredge LLC.
FWP and OCI have also been active in promoting the small, demountable bucket dredge. These are seen as the way to meet the increasing need for low cost, easily transported dredges that are quick to bring into production and efficient in operation, being specifically designed for alluvial mining.
In addition to these premium features that maximize operational efficiency and longevity, every Shark Class dredge customer benefits from DSC Dredge's ability to customize each standard production model to fit exact applications and production requirements.
The new dredge and associated concentrator plant will increase production by 50% and extend the mine life to the year 2010.
From 2008 to 2012, permits issued by Oregon's Department of State Lands for suction dredge mining almost tripled, to 2,251, alarming fishermen, environmentalists, the tourism and recreation industries, and ordinary citizens.
"The record of decision allowed for a wet dredge pilot, to see if they could meet the same standards in the record of decision for the dry dredge.
Bauer Professor in Dredging Engineering in the Department of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University, conducted laboratory experiments using a model dredge at the Haynes Coastal Engineering Laboratory to research this problem.
Fish strip dredges provide us anglers with the most realistic-appearing tool to attract game fish and trigger their feeding response from a drifting boat.
Heerenberg-headquartered IDRECO specialises in deep-digging electrical suction and cutter suction dredges. According to Peter Bowe, president of Ellicott, the addition of IDRECO to the group will extend Ellicotta[euro](tm)s European presence.
This vessel will be one of the most powerful dredges in our fleet, with 4,500 hp on the cutter, the statement said.