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dredge up

1. Literally, to take out material in order to increase the depth of a body of water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." I think we can deepen the pond by dredging up some more sand.
2. To pull something from the depths of a body of water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." Hopefully, the divers will be able to dredge up more pieces of the plane today, and we can start analyzing them.
3. By extension, to resume the discussion of something (usually something unpleasant or troublesome). A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." Can we all please try not to dredge up old hurts at this year's Thanksgiving dinner?
4. To find or obtain something after much searching. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." What else can we do to dredge up support for this petition?
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dredge someone or something

1. . Lit. to scoop something up from underwater. The workers dredged the lifeless body up from the cold black water. They dredged up the mud from the riverbed.
2. Fig. to use some effort to seek and find someone or something. I will see if I can dredge a date up for Friday. Can you dredge up a date for me? I don't have a wrench here, but I'll see if I can dredge one up from the basement.

dredge up

1. To deepen some body of water by digging and removing material from its bottom: They'll have to dredge up the river, or else the larger ships won't be able to pass through. Because the stream was hard to navigate, the farmer paid someone to dredge it up.
2. To raise something from the bottom of a body of water: The workers dredged up a car from the bottom of the lake. They dredged a lot of garbage up from the bottom of the canal.
3. To bring something back into discussion or importance, especially something unpleasant: I wish you hadn't dredged up that issue with our boss. I had been content to forget about the accident until my neighbor dredged it up by asking me questions about it.
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when a waterway of natural depth of thirty feet is dredged to a depth of forty feet.
The more dramatic change on the dredged plots can only be ascribed to dredging breaking up the bed surface.
Preliminary test results of the stockpiled materials found that the primary contamination source in the dredged piles is pieces of ore or slag.
Under the Ocean Dumping Act, EPA designates dredged material disposal sites for long-term use.
We have consistently demonstrated our expertise in sustainable dredging and dredged material placement, in many cases executing the work with innovative and specialized technology and equipment," Holliday says.
Now the proposal is to use the dredged material to fill in Tyne Dock at South Shields, with the contaminated silt being deposited first and then capped.
We will, however, continue working with the industry to encourage efficient and appropriate use of dredged aggregates.
An estimated 2 million tonnes of sand is dredged from the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary every year.
The 1,584-foot berth will be dredged to a depth of 41 feet at mean-low-water and is on target for completion in October.
The contract covers removal of soil and transportation of the dredged material to a marine spoil area in accordance with permits granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland.
Sand dredged from the Bristol Channel is supplied mainly to the building industry in south east Wales.
This non-hydraulic approach to dredging will be fast, economical and provide a wide range of innovation options for disposal of the dredged material.
Transport and dispose the dredged material by pipeline to either of the defined nourishment areas (~nourishment area a biggera creek nourishment area~ and ~nourishment area b broadwater nourishment area~).