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dredge up

1. Literally, to take out material in order to increase the depth of a body of water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." I think we can deepen the pond by dredging up some more sand.
2. To pull something from the depths of a body of water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." Hopefully, the divers will be able to dredge up more pieces of the plane today, and we can start analyzing them.
3. By extension, to resume the discussion of something (usually something unpleasant or troublesome). A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." Can we all please try not to dredge up old hurts at this year's Thanksgiving dinner?
4. To find or obtain something after much searching. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dredge" and "up." What else can we do to dredge up support for this petition? I was able to dredge up some of the suspect's financial records.
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dredge someone or something

1. . Lit. to scoop something up from underwater. The workers dredged the lifeless body up from the cold black water. They dredged up the mud from the riverbed.
2. Fig. to use some effort to seek and find someone or something. I will see if I can dredge a date up for Friday. Can you dredge up a date for me? I don't have a wrench here, but I'll see if I can dredge one up from the basement.
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dredge up

1. To deepen some body of water by digging and removing material from its bottom: They'll have to dredge up the river, or else the larger ships won't be able to pass through. Because the stream was hard to navigate, the farmer paid someone to dredge it up.
2. To raise something from the bottom of a body of water: The workers dredged up a car from the bottom of the lake. They dredged a lot of garbage up from the bottom of the canal.
3. To bring something back into discussion or importance, especially something unpleasant: I wish you hadn't dredged up that issue with our boss. I had been content to forget about the accident until my neighbor dredged it up by asking me questions about it.
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The engineering drawings for the dredge were completed by Alluvial Dredges Ltd (ADL) and it was fabricated to ADL's drawings in Australia by United Construction in 35 major segments.
If the results from the extended pilot dredge form an area that is roughly the same size and adjacent to the original pilot dredge, Northern States Power/Xcel will likely seek to use the wet dredge method for the balance of the 16-acre lake bottom site.
The bitter end of the monofilament is cleated off and the dredge is slowly lowered into the water, while ensuring that all of the individual strips are flowing untangled behind the dredge.
Dredge Yard is making steady progress with the expansion plans for the production and assembly of dredging components needed for dredgers and dredge pipe lines, reports the company.
Three in-hull dredge pumps allow the vessel to convey slurry up to five miles and longer when used in conjunction with additional booster pumps.
Larrazabal had taken over in the lead early on the back nine, making a birdie at the 11th while Dredge bogeyed the 10th and the 12th, but he found water and took six, while Dredge, suddenly back in front, suffered the same fate after two dreadful pitches.
Under new proposals the company will be allowed to dredge up to 500,000 tonnes a year, although the maximum over the 10-year period will remain at 3m tonnes.
WORK to dredge a trench for the new Tyne Tunnel has been delayed.
TT2, the company overseeing the building of the tunnel, originally planned to dredge the trench for the tunnel sections in a "window" between November and March - when there is normally maximum water flow in the river to wash away disturbed silt, when water oxygen levels are also normally high and when fewer salmon and sea trout enter the Tyne.
Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation (San Marcos, CA) CEO Peter Schuh confirmed that the four-yearold biofuel company he operates has been awarded a "Notice of Allowance" by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his patent application for: Suction Dredge System and Method.
BRITONS Oliver Wilson and Bradley Dredge were separated by just a stroke after Friday's second round of the European Masters and set for an engrossing battle over the weekend.
Effects of dredge material placement on benthic macroinvertibrates of the Illinois River.
Transplanting in Delaware Bay is normally done with a traditional oyster dredge. Such dredges can concentrate market-size oysters, a desirable characteristic for some transplant goals.
Welsh golfers Bradley Dredge and Stephen Dodd today kept up their bids to qualify for next week's Volvo Masters in Spain.