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Amongst, the first seven Mughal emperors, Shahjahan is the most remembered and recalled, because he dreamt of the 'Taj Mahal', which his labourers delivered to him.
If Iqbal dreamt of a 'Muslim homeland', it was the political and statesmanly craftsmanship of Jinnah, that delivered the dream of Pakistan.
I asked if she dreamt of boys (men), and she said no.
It was middle school students who informed me (1994) that they dreamt of ghosts, quishins, which for them are quite scary, which is how they are characterized in Korean ideology.
The wife and mother of two has been battling terminal breast cancer and dreamt of sharing a special trip where she could enjoy time with her husband Michael and children, Ava, 9, and Eli, 4.
One half of participants had dreamt of having a love affair with a celebrity.
I dreamt of a nation that nurtured its language; I dreamt of a nation where its people knew the words of their anthem; I dreamt of a nation where its language could be heard in schools and universities; I dreamt of a nation that governed itself; I dreamt of a nation where its politicians made decisions without staring nervously across the border; I dreamt of a nation where its ambassadors sat proudly among a league of nations; I dreamt of a nation that profited from its huge natural resources; I dreamt of a nation that had law-making and tax-raising powers; I dreamt of a nation that had its own currency; I dreamt of a nation whose followers of football embraced their national league; I dreamt of a nation that was united by way of a motorway running north to south.
For example, several African American clients and counselor education students from around the United States have remarked to us that their families believed that if one dreamt of a fish someone close to that person was going to have a child; whereas, other clients had different associations for fish (Marszalek, 2005).
When I was a little girl I dreamt of one day becoming a writer.
Four different women, two patients and two friends, have told me something close to this: "I dreamt of Jim--my boyfriend--but he looked very much like my father (or he changed into someone like my father).
Dreams have an infinite variety with one respondent recalling being chased by singer Cliff Richard in the street, a number dreamt of Catherine Zeta-Jones and one had a dream about being shouted at by TV presenter Davina McCall.