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If ever I should wish for a retreat whither I might steal from the world and its distractions, and dream quietly away the remnant of a troubled life, I know of none more promising than this little valley.
Why, the dream that I am in Arthur's court -- a person who never existed; and that I am talking to you, who are nothing but a work of the imagination.
A body does just the same in a dream as he'd do if he was awake.
I laid me down and I slept, but a dream arose and sat by me with a hooded face, and showed me a picture.
Remember well the lesson of the dream, dear child, and let the shining spirits make your heart their home.
Grandfather," cried little Alice, clapping her hand," you must dream a new dream every night about our chair
Of course it was a mad dream, a nightmare, and yet there was something cruelly real about it.
The call of the brook came up through the woods from the valley of birches with all its old allurement; the mellow air was full of the purr of the sea; beyond were fields rimmed by fences bleached silvery gray in the suns of many summers, and long hills scarfed with the shadows of autumnal clouds; with the blowing of the west wind old dreams returned.
I see explanation is necessary before I can tell you of the substance of my dreams.
I hardly know whether it was a dream or whether it was something else," she answered.
They took no notice of my intrusion, a circumstance which, in the manner of dreams, appeared entirely natural.
The soul of his love had gone from the room and from the picture and from his dreams.
I can't dream now, Captain Jim--I'm done with dreams.
But in dreams, when she had no control over her thoughts, her position presented itself to her in all its hideous nakedness.
The staircase was as wooden and solid as need be, and Affery went straight down it without any of those deviations peculiar to dreams.