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I asked Hyun-ok why she thought she never had a pig or dragon dream, and she said, "Probably because I am too busy dreaming about feces.
Sargis - the patron saint of young love - unmarried Armenian women will eat a piece of salty bread tonight, ideally after fasting all day, in the hope of dreaming about their future husband.
network, dreaming about famous peeps might mirror your real-life obsession.
The questions are, then, What is the space dreaming about and what does the dream reveal?
My girlfriends, they were dreaming about meeting a handsome man--and a house and cars and all these traditional things," Arnesen says.
BUSINESS WIRE FEATURES)--July 18, 1996-- It's the heart of the summer beach season, and what are Americans dreaming about when it comes to the magic and mystique of the ocean?
I don't know how, I started dreaming about what I had just written that day.