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Chaka dreamed this also: that I, Mopo, your dog, who am not worthy to be mentioned with such names, came up and gave the royal salute, even the Bayete.
How many of us know that Billy Joel dreamed many of his melodies, lyrics and arrangements, including the tune River of Dreams?
Have you ever dreamed that you looked at yourself in a mirror and noticed you were quite different from the way you think of yourself in waking life?
There are moments when we respond to the dream that God has dreamed.
Tony Blair was dreamed about more than any other politician or celebrity, BACP's research found, with social violence also permeating our dreams.
FOR years, I dreamed about building a school where parents could send their children and know that they are getting an education that actually prepares them for the real world.
Each type of exercise before sleep prompted many volunteers to report, upon waking in the morning, that they had dreamed about the person they had thought about or tried not to think about the night before, the researchers say in the April Psychological Science.