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One response cut through it all and connected deep, in a manner and a place I had never dreamed of touching.
Have you ever dreamed that you looked at yourself in a mirror and noticed you were quite different from the way you think of yourself in waking life?
There are moments when we respond to the dream that God has dreamed. That dream includes those people who are our neighbors and, surprisingly, our enemies.
Each type of exercise before sleep prompted many volunteers to report, upon waking in the morning, that they had dreamed about the person they had thought about or tried not to think about the night before, the researchers say in the April Psychological Science.
Sobel does not directly consider the question of whether or not people have always dreamed throughout time, but she does pay careful attention to the discussion of dreams across cultures.
Growing up in Virgina, Lindsay often dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and traveling to fat-off places.
I dreamed I was in a Japanese gallery and the first room was filled with miniature landscapes with veils over them, and fans were blowing the veils.
They dreamed of more money, of a better standard of living.
A Pregnant woman dreamed her baby would be born deformed.
Dreams have been dreamed up by the Louisville, Berkshire, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh ballets, to mention just some.