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Chaka has dreamed another dream; now it is Chaka who strikes, and ye are already dead, ye children of Senzangacona.
Chaka the king slept and dreamed that he lay dead, and that one of you, the princes, wore his royal kaross.
Chaka dreamed this also," I went on: "that one of you, the princes, held his royal spear.
Chaka dreamed this also: that I, Mopo, your dog, who am not worthy to be mentioned with such names, came up and gave the royal salute, even the Bayete.
She dreamed that both were her husbands at once, that both were lavishing caresses on her.
When Mrs Flintwinch dreamed, she usually dreamed, unlike the son of her old mistress, with her eyes shut.
THE BUCKiTDREAM TOP 10 LIST of most dreamed about destinations is just a snapshot of the capabilities of this platform.
How many of us know that Billy Joel dreamed many of his melodies, lyrics and arrangements, including the tune River of Dreams?
Have you ever dreamed that you looked at yourself in a mirror and noticed you were quite different from the way you think of yourself in waking life?
There are moments when we respond to the dream that God has dreamed.