dream on

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dream on

A slang retort indicating one's skepticism. Oh, dream on—you'll never become a famous singer. A: "I really think I'm going to get the promotion." B: "Dream on! I have a much better chance of getting it than you."
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Dream on.

What you are expecting or wanting to happen is nothing but fantasy. You want to get promoted to general manager? Dream on. You, an opera singer? Dream on.
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dream ˈon

(spoken, informal) used to tell somebody that an idea is not practical or likely to happen: ‘Do you think if I ask my boss for a pay rise, I’ll get one?’ ‘Dream on!’
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dream on

v. Slang
To fantasize about something that is improbable or unrealistic. Used chiefly as a scornful command: So you want to move to Hollywood and become a movie star? Dream on!
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in your dreams

Never, no matter how much you wish for it. Often put as an interjection, this slangy term dates only from the 1980s but has quickly caught on. For example, “I just know they’ll win the pennant this year.—In your dreams!” A synonymous phrase is dream on, used as the title of a number of popular songs dating back as far as the 1950s and a television sit-com.
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