dream of doing

dream of doing something

Fig. to have a fantasy of doing something. (See also dream about someone or something.) I dream of owning a house like that. Clara dreamed of sailing off into the sunset with Roger.
See also: dream, of
References in classic literature ?
Everywhere I saw men doing, drunk, what they would never dream of doing sober.
Sometimes a man, especially an Oriental, who does not understand the significance of your sex in these matters, can be drawn on to speak more freely to a woman than he would ever dream of doing to his best friend.
No self-respecting girl could dream of doing such a thing.
He assured me again and again that it was the last thing in the world he would dream of doing in a sober moment.
I should not dream of doing so were it not absolutely certain that I should be able in four days to reclaim it.
Of course I should not dream of doing so if I were not your friend.
If poor Athanase had been living, she meant to do as many noble souls, who are moneyless, dream of doing, and as the rich never think of doing,--she meant to have sent him several thousand francs, writing up the envelope the words: "Money due to your father from a comrade who makes restitution to you.
What other "University or public-school man" would dream of doing so?
The former lawyer, who was one of Lord Sugar's boardroom allies, said she would never dream of doing reality TV.
Thanks to the tremendous advances in computing power and mathematical algorithms, it's now possible to tackle problems of unbelievable complexity -- things we couldn't dream of doing even a few years ago.
There must be many people who play video games who are absolutely functioning, caring people who would never dream of doing anything violent.
Camp has exposed me to a plethora of new things most city kids couldn't dream of doing.
Clearly, you can do things on Mars that a geophysicist can only dream of doing on Earth.
It was the best thing we could have done: People work more efficiently, and because the software is user-friendly, we're able to do things we just couldn't dream of doing before.
It just beggars belief that in the 21st century, anyone could even dream of doing such a stupid event.