dream about

dream about (someone or something)

1. To fantasize about someone or something, especially doing something as one's goal or ambition. I've dreamed about being an astronaut since I was eight years old. I've dreamed about this moment. I can't believe it's actually happening. Back in high school, I dreamed about him. Now we're together and he's everything to me.
2. To envision someone or something in one's sleep. While recovering from dental surgery, I actually dreamed about all the foods I couldn't eat. Waking up was quite a disappointment! What does it mean if you keep dreaming about the same person every night?
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dream about someone or something

 and dream of someone or something
to have mental pictures about someone or something, especially in one's sleep. I dreamed about you all night last night. I dreamed of a huge chocolate cake.
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References in classic literature ?
We would be as good as dead if we had nothing left to dream about. What a delicious aroma that low-descending sun is extracting from the asters and ferns.
You might come to understand that a dream about getting lost in a big city may represent your worries about retiring or getting divorced.
If we only dream about an idea and do not act upon it by taking steps, even little ones, toward making it a reality, then our dreams can die.
Indeed, Korean Christians do not visit fortunetellers, but they are Koreans first and they do dream about animistic dream topics.
But if you have an anxiety dream about him and become lucid, you can stand up for yourself, tell him to jump into a lake, or at least share your concerns.
Richard Wiseman, professor in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, said: "If someone chose the nature landscape then they were more likely to have a dream about greenery and flowers.
se a c in st s Mary Shelley found the inspiration for her Frankenstein story in a dream about scientists creating life.
According to the survey of 2,000 people conducted by One Poll for Premier Inn hotels, one in three dream about work when they are stressed in their job and a quarter stated that they dream about a colleague if there was a conflict with them earlier that day.
Then, as now, intense curiosity about the sources and influences of dreams permeated all levels of society: James I, for example, expressed skepticism about others' dreams but not his own, and multiple versions exist of a peddler's dream about hidden treasure.
Or the fact that Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity was directly related to his dream about riding on a beam of light?
We have around an hour and a half of REM sleep each night, but we forget most of what we dream about.
I just know that I do not feel apart from anything or anyone I dream about. I like that.
I dream about my home I dream about a palace I dream about us together again like we were on challice (estate)
Dreams have an infinite variety with one respondent recalling being chased by singer Cliff Richard in the street, a number dreamt of Catherine Zeta-Jones and one had a dream about being shouted at by TV presenter Davina McCall.
If a client is currently using his/her drug of choice, the dreaming mind has no need to dream about this.