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I dread to think

It is too worrying or unpleasant for me to think about something that might happen or might have happened. I dread to think what my boss will say when I tell him I lost our biggest client.
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I shudder/dread to ˈthink (how, what, etc....)

(informal, often humorous) I am afraid to think or ask myself about something, because the answer might be terrible or unpleasant: I shudder to think when he last had a bath.‘How much more work is there?’ ‘I dread to think!’
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During all these years, both Shanti and Anil dreaded at the thought of crossing each other's path, Inspector General of Police ( Bastar) Shivram Prasad Kalluri said.
Dozens of dreaded dacoits, whose names once spelt terror in the Chambal valley that runs into the rough wild country of the northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have from time to time laid down their arms and are now leading a normal life.
Release from the grip of demoralizing anxiety can transform otherwise dreaded performing experiences into ones that are full of the joy of music.
And last, if the fad diet addresses the dreaded issue of regular exercise, it does so in passing or as an afterthought.
Suddenly and overnight, religious education was no longer dreaded by parents, kids, and catechists alike.
Those in grade 10 were more likely to agree that students dreaded coming to school.
Gereon Goldmann, a German Franciscan seminarian drafted into the dreaded SS during the Second World War.
I have a bad case of Dissertation Avoidance Complex or the dreaded DAC.
Most important, he'll be filtering out any potentially dangerous germs which could touch off a bout of the dreaded "false hope."
"Having always been in growth environments, I dreaded what I had to do." Such frank recollections might be expected in Moore's personal papers, but this "diary" was published in the 900,000-circulation Working Woman magazine.
And if Congress has its wish, many more parents will be getting the dreaded phone call that I got that Friday afternoon two years ago.
MARJORIE SPIEGEL is the author of The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery, from which this article was adapted.
itself the dreaded voyage into the world--the very voyage
'It was so toe curling painful that I dreaded each feeding session but now it's a breeze!' the former beauty queen added.
Lawmakers asked yesterday the government to step up efforts and heighten public awareness on the dreaded Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) to ensure public safety.