draw apart

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draw apart

1. To move away from someone or something. I hugged my parents for as long as I could before the train whistle blew and we all drew apart.
2. To move something away from something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "apart." I drew apart several socks that had gotten stuck together in the dryer.
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draw something apart

to pull something, such as curtains or drapes, open or apart. She drew the curtains apart and looked out the window. She drew apart the curtains a little bit.
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draw apart (from someone or something)

 and draw away (from someone or something)
to pull back or away from someone or something. Don't draw apart from the rest of us. Please don't draw away from me. I won't bite. She drew away slowly and left the room.
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But unlike the ancient device, the modern-day equivalent gently draws apart targeted segments of the spine to take pressure off specific discs and nerves.
And that means - potential cup draws apart - there will be no derby fixtures this term, and no opportunity for Moyes to extend the Black Cats five-year unbeaten run against their neighbours.
Since then all matches have ended in draws apart from the aforementioned win in 1999.
Separate your three most fancied selections and if possible keep draws apart, then mark the pairs A, B and C (it might be easier doing this on a racing slip).