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draw aside

1. To move to the side, especially so as to make way for someone or something. A reflexive pronoun can be used between "draw" and "aside." We all drew aside as the carriage made its way down the road. She drew herself aside to let the principal speak privately with the teacher.
2. To part something, especially curtains, and pull it to the sides. A noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "aside." She drew aside the curtains and flung the windows open. Please pull the drapes aside and let some light in!
3. To have one move away from someone or something, often in order to discuss something privately; to take aside. A noun or pronoun is used between "draw" and "aside." I drew the nurse aside so that I could ask a few more questions about my dad's surgery. I saw the boss draw Tom aside after the meeting. I hope he's not in trouble for these poor sales figures!
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Something decided through a lottery or raffle. We'll be having a drawing later tonight, so be sure to buy a raffle ticket if you want the chance to win a brand new car!
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draw someone aside

to pull or steer someone aside. The teacher drew Bob aside to have a word with him. Harry drew aside someone he could trust and expressed his fears.
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In fact, depending on your flexibility and holster placement, you may even be able to rotate your off-hand inward to the point you could draw with a proper grip.
"I'm not (happy with the draw)," the Portuguese said.
As part of the Monthly draws, for the first time ever, a dedicated Ladies draw will also be conducted with two winners of RO5,000 each, totalling 20 winners.
Teams that are speed deficient may have to assign draw and screen responsibility to particular players or positions.
Oman Arab Bank (OAB) recently announced the names of the winners of the Hasaad draw event for the month of February.
This season, there have already been draws in 25 per cent of Prem matches.
Saturday's draw with Bradford was their fifth of the season, but they have already claimed a victory at Southend and could be primed to take another scalp.
Mark Francis, chief curator of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and cocurator of this show (with Dieter Koepplin), characterizes this gap as a "long hiatus" in the career of an artist who drew regularly his entire life, but I would argue that Warhol's period of not drawing is crucially significant, that his not drawing in fact holds the answer to what drawing meant for him when he did draw. And it must equally hold the answer to what Warhol was up to in the decade so filled with astonishing art but so astonishingly empty of drawing.
Sri Lanka are 7-4 to win the first Test in Galle, with 20-over champions Pakistan 11-2 and the draw at evens.
Operator Camelot has predicted it would sell 200 tickets a second in the hour before tonight's draw.
SRI LANKA lead Pakistan 1-0 goingintothethirdandfinal Test oftheseriesat Pallekelewhere the draw is a 6-5 shot, writes JamesMilton.
depth of draw: Single-station, 26 to 60 in.; twin former, 26 to 54 in.
You can't draw a globular cluster and make it look like a globular cluster.