draw fire

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draw fire

To attract criticism or judgment. I drew fire from my parents when I announced that I want to be an artist, not a doctor.
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draw fire

Encounter criticism, as in His recent article was bound to draw fire. This expression uses the verb draw in the sense of "attract" or "provoke," and transfers fire in the sense of "gunfire" to a somewhat milder attack.
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draw (someone's) fire

If someone or something draws fire or draws someone's fire, they are strongly criticized. The new block of flats immediately drew the fire of the architectural establishment. Moynihan's plan to cut the Social Security payroll tax has already drawn fire from the administration. Note: `Fire' here means gunfire.
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draw someone's fire

attract hostility or criticism away from a more important target.
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Bush, who has yet to announce his candidacy, has drawn fire from the announced candidates for describing himself as a "compassionate conservative.
The National Park Service has devised a proposed Bison Management Plan that has drawn fire from Buffalo Nations and other groups.
Fox News has drawn fire today following their coverage of the event, which many claim misrepresents the audience reaction to Paul's victory.
ISLAMABAD, August 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): The recent statement of MQM's Chief Altaf Hussain regarding the army's intervention has drawn fire from nearly all political parties thus taking serious notice of it, PML-N submitted a Privilege Motion in the National Assembly on Tuesday against it.
Boks has also drawn fire for the department's association with a ``Hooters for Neuters'' bikini contest and for biblical scripture being placed on and removed from his city blog.
Since its launch in February 2004, Al-Hurra has drawn fire from Wahhabi and Arab nationalist groups as well as some of the region's liberal commentators.
The Church of Latter-day Saints has expressed its disapproval, obviously, and the show has drawn fire for linking polygamy with homosexuality and, therefore, attempting to promote the agendas of both.
DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida, has drawn fire from animaights activists and anti-homosexual groups, but the biggest protests by far have come from fans of the doomed Mr Toad's Wild Ride.
The ICANN universal dispute resolution policy (UDRP) has drawn fire because it is vaguely worded and judgments have been wildly inconsistent.