draw apart

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draw apart

1. To move away from someone or something. I hugged my parents for as long as I could before the train whistle blew and we all drew apart.
2. To move something away from something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "apart." I drew apart several socks that had gotten stuck together in the dryer.
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draw something apart

to pull something, such as curtains or drapes, open or apart. She drew the curtains apart and looked out the window. She drew apart the curtains a little bit.
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draw apart (from someone or something)

 and draw away (from someone or something)
to pull back or away from someone or something. Don't draw apart from the rest of us. Please don't draw away from me. I won't bite. She drew away slowly and left the room.
See also: apart, draw
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A video provided by the Dutch police showed a naked 1-year-old girl who was hung upside down with her hands tied and legs drawn apart.
No matter how much you argue, you cannot be drawn apart.
Fincantieri's world-class marine engineers will carefully bisect MSC Sinfonia's hull, after which the two halves of the ships will be slowly drawn apart.
So as Sheenu and Sunaina are being drawn apart, into their lives enters Ayesha (Nargis).
The basics of how a muscle generates power remain the same: Filaments of myosin tugging on filaments of actin shorten, or contract but University of Washington-led research showed that as muscles bulge, the filaments are drawn apart from each other, the myosin tugs at sharper angles over greater distances, and it's that action that deserves credit for half the change in muscle force scientists have been measuring.
The sides have been drawn apart, so there is the possibility of a second consecutive all-ENL final at Wembley.
Davis Pruhs's Killacolla Pedro and Derek Knight's Maui Hawk, who each have recorded two gold and one silver (27 points), have been drawn apart in the two divisions of the Dogs' races, with Pedro set to go for the second division.
THEY are a generation which never saw the bonding that Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits once shared, but when they danced together, it seemed as if the two communities were never separated, never drawn apart by the militancy and violence in the Valley.
Another observation the team made while studying the tiny gold necks: abrupt atomic displacements that occur as the gold tip and surface are drawn apart are not arbitrary, but follow well-defined rules of crystallography.
With Niall having no game on Saturday he asked me if I would take a game and I told him that as long as we were drawn apart in the Radcliffe I would be happy to help him out, said Malone.
Former champions Ian Bown and Mark White have been drawn apart in the last four setting up the prospect of a repeat of the 2005 final won by Bown 5-4.
They didn't meet in the heats after they were drawn apart but that only adds to the sense of anticipation for the Final.
So when Albion and Cardiff were drawn apart in the draw for the FA Cup semi-finals, Robson sensed that the gods were smiling on both clubs - even if Albion still have to account for Portsmouth and Cardiff still have to account for Barnsley.
There will be little to gain this season with seemingly the same last 32 format that will see the 14 Premier clubs drawn apart and just two matches featuring non-Premier clubs matched.
Solution: Small eyes normally need to be made wider to look bigger and they need to be drawn apart to open them up.