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As Gahan entered his square, U-Dor leaped toward him with drawn sword with such fury as might have overborne a less skilled and powerful swordsman.
The waggon had drawn up under the churchyard wall, in a spot screened from view, and the driver, nothing loth, soon hauled down the poor heap of household goods.
The portion of the moon which the projectile was nearing was the northern hemisphere, that which the selenographic maps place below; for these maps are generally drawn after the outline given by the glasses, and we know that they reverse the objects.
A straight line drawn through the axis of the piece would have passed through the center of the orb of night.
Greatly were they drawn then towards old Diggs, who, in an uncouth way, began to take a good deal of notice of them, and once or twice came to their study when Flashman was there, who immediately decamped in consequence.
It was no use grumbling--so many fewer tartlets and apples were eaten and fives balls bought on that Saturday; and after locking-up, when the money would otherwise have been spent, consolation was carried to many a small boy by the sound of the night-fags shouting along the passages, "Gentlemen sportsmen of the School-house; the lottery's going to be drawn in the hall.
The sporting interest had all drawn blanks, and they were sulky accordingly; neither of the favourites had yet been drawn, and it had come down to the upper-fourth.
Of course, luck is still going to play its part - after all the lotto number drawn the least amount of times is, spookily, 13.
It needs to be drawn again so that the 'thinking' is dualistic, running backwards and forwards between 'what has been and what may be'.
Made from a profoundly embodied perspective, one from which vision is understood as fundamentally corporeal, Heydenreich's drawn images paradoxically often appear distorted because of their unusual faithfulness to the realities of perception.