draw apart

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draw apart

1. To move away from someone or something. I hugged my parents for as long as I could before the train whistle blew and we all drew apart.
2. To move something away from something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "apart." I drew apart several socks that had gotten stuck together in the dryer.
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draw something apart

to pull something, such as curtains or drapes, open or apart. She drew the curtains apart and looked out the window. She drew apart the curtains a little bit.
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draw apart (from someone or something)

 and draw away (from someone or something)
to pull back or away from someone or something. Don't draw apart from the rest of us. Please don't draw away from me. I won't bite. She drew away slowly and left the room.
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References in classic literature ?
And nothing remains but lingering perhaps in the memory of a few men, the sound of their names, vanished a long time ago from the first page of the great London dailies; from big posters in railway-stations and the doors of shipping offices; from the minds of sailors, dockmasters, pilots, and tugmen; from the hail of gruff voices and the flutter of signal flags exchanged between ships closing upon each other and drawing apart in the open immensity of the sea.
Even though they are drawing apart from each other, they are both focusing in on your resident Jupiter, which is no bad thing.
Dureza said convergence happens when two or more groups come together to form a new whole, while divergence is drawing apart due to disagreements and differences of opinions, amoing others.
We can never be sure if these mind-scapes are coming together or drawing apart.
Whether Harriot was influenced by Galileo or not, Jerry Grover raises an interesting point; is there anything which sets Harriot's drawing apart from a view of the Moon made with the unaided eye, and therefore makes it recognisable as an eyepiece impression?
One bulwark against a new drawing apart is the development of joint, or closely associated, institutions to widen the pools of expertise on which both countries draw.
The geopolitical interests of Europe and America have been drawing apart, and may well continue to do so, no matter who is president.
Both groups, he suggests, want a version of British history that meets American needs, but British and American historiographies are, in fact, drawing apart. British history has been "fundamentally reconstructed" and realigned since 1980--not coincidentally with the advent of Margaret Thatcher (though some credit should also be given to Edward Heath, the politician most responsible for taking Britain into Europe)--while nothing comparable has occurred in the United States.
Mr McLean said: "Our interests were drawing apart in terms of what they wanted to do.