draw in(to) (something)

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draw in(to) (something)

1. To attract someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "in" or "in(to)." You need a bright new sign to draw in customers to your store. The opening chapter immediately drew me into the book—I haven't been able to put it down!
2. To cause someone to enter or engage in something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "in(to)." I refuse to be drawn into a fight, no matter what passive-aggressive thing Addison says to me today. I told myself I wouldn't help John with another one of his schemes, but he drew me in with all his pleas and promises.
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draw someone or something into something

 and draw someone or something in 
1. . Lit. to pull someone or something into something; to attract someone or something in. She drew the child into the shoe store and plunked her down. Liz opened the door and drew in the children who were all bundled in their parkas.
2. Lit. to sketch a picture, adding someone or something into the picture. She drew a little dog into the lower corner of the picture. I drew in a large tree and the ruins of an abbey. She drew herself into the scene.
3. Fig. to involve someone or something in something. Don't draw me into this argument. This is not the time to draw that argument into the discussion.
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draw in

Induce to enter or participate; inveigle. For example, They tried to draw in as many new members as possible, or I refused to be drawn in to his scheme. [Mid-1500s]
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It's not that unified governments love to purchase bombers, but, rather, that they tend to draw us into war.
Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston are an attractive pairing but they fail to kindle any tangible sexual chemistry; nor do their performances carry enough emotional weight to draw us into their characters' predicament.
No easy villains or heroes here - Cole peoples her tale with likeable but flawed characters who draw us into Gus' dilemma.
The author writes in a lively, readable style, using vignettes to draw us into her relationship with the father who moved away from his family when the author was young.
"Yes, God's plan from all eternity is to 'marry' us--to draw us into closest communion with himself.
All of it is basically "work on paper," and this is the most surprising part; for if this work is able to draw us into a whole world, then it is precisely because, at the same time, it never allows us to forget what it essentially is.
The washing of the feet in commemoration of the Last Supper, staying up with Jesus and praying through the agony in the garden, and the Pesame--accompanying Mary after the Crucifixion--are rituals that also draw us into the experience of suffering.
The stars draw us into a complex, edge of the seat thriller.
Following Sartre, and taking Guardi as an example, Berleant argues that there are also paintings which draw us into a situation 'as it has been experienced by everyone and seen by non-one' (p.
Thus the exhibition was an opportunity to appreciate the loosely connected narrative linking the three films, an absurd progression of events that emerged more forcefully as we made our way through the museum's exhibition spaces, which had been reconfigured to draw us into the artist's highly charged imagery.
Angela (Rebecca Miller, 1995) Languorous rhythms and painterly images (by cinematographer Ellen Kuras) draw us into a girl's inner life with the intimacy of a Sally Mann photo.
Furniture is positioned accommodatingly, creating diagonals that draw us into each scene, while windows carry us outside to a groomed yard in Jill and Polly in Bathroom, or up against a brick wall in Manhattan in The Son, both 1987.