draw together

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draw (someone or something) together

1. To cause people or things to come physically close together. Mom drew all of us together in a group hug after Christmas dinner.
2. To cause people to rely on each other for comfort and support. As tough as its been, I think this time of tragedy has really drawn us all together.
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draw someone together

to make people seek one another for emotional support. The tragic accident drew the family all together. Do you think the crisis actually will draw us closer together?
See also: draw, together
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A fresh articulation of Judaism as a peacemaking faith and culture, he argues, could draw together religious and secular alike in a new conception of Israeli Jewish identity that could lead to gestures of acceptance of the Palestinians.
These images in Chimere ("Wild Dream"), the two-hour-long Equestrian opera" by Zingaro that opened the Brooklyn Academy of Music's 1996 Next Wave Festival, draw together the poles of magic and technique, illusion and skill, wonder and curiosity.
The Astra Hassle parti is not as clear as these because it is a complicated and almost labyrinthine attempt to draw together diverse scattered buildings on a large site into some kind of overall order.
Telecom Finance events uniquely draw together professional practitioners in finance, law and TMT firms and provide a platform for informative debate focused on telecom markets and the financial services that enable the transition currently occurring in the sector.
The second annual event was expected to draw together about 800 people, mostly young families, and 70 businesses, from day care and cleaning services to toy makers and karate studios.
For example, by allowing researchers to draw together data from scores of different randomized medical trials, Protege helps them better understand diseases.
We see him gradually draw together his radio family - Fred Norris with his wit like wildfire and his personality like wallpaper, that unflappable counter-banterer Robin Quivers, filthy gag man Jackie Martling who makes Howard seem classy by comparison, all expertly playing themselves - and come up with such groundbreakers as the first nude woman on radio.
0 did little to draw together communities around common interests in any sort of meaningful way.
The much-anticipated event will draw together leading security experts and CEOs from around the country to discuss the latest security trends as they relate to Web services.