draw together

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draw (someone or something) together

1. To cause people or things to come physically close together. Mom drew all of us together in a group hug after Christmas dinner.
2. To cause people to rely on each other for comfort and support. As tough as its been, I think this time of tragedy has really drawn us all together.
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draw someone together

to make people seek one another for emotional support. The tragic accident drew the family all together. Do you think the crisis actually will draw us closer together?
See also: draw, together
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The much-anticipated event will draw together leading security experts and CEOs from around the country to discuss the latest security trends as they relate to Web services.
We must also draw together all the ingredients needed to be a successful player in the institutional arena.
In addition to starting the company with his own seed capital, Stallone partnered with experienced investors to draw together a group of proven industry veterans, including John Arnold, CEO, and Vince Andrich, Chief Marketing Consultant.
Through compelling stories written with an insider's authority, we want to draw together the spectrum of people who relish the outdoors and care about the environment," said Bob Sipchen, Outdoors editor.
It helps draw together the commercially diverse European regions with their many and disparate XML document conversion requirements, making this event once again a `must-attend' for Exegenix.
Intelsat's new business unit has been created to enable Intelsat to more specifically focus on the development of its video business, and to draw together and add to the video-focused resources within the company.
Previously, when the government departments wanted to conduct a specific program, they needed to draw together temporary resources to handle the call load.
North American and European business leaders must draw together in support of a new round of global trade negotiations, says Niall FitzGerald, Chairman of Unilever, in a speech tonight to the Economic Club of Washington DC.