draw to

draw (something) to

To shut or close something. Oh, I drew the bedroom drapes to so that I could take a nap this afternoon.
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draw someone or something to(ward) someone or something

to pull someone or something to someone or something. She drew him toward her and kissed him. Todd drew the child toward the light.
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draw something to

to close or nearly close something, such as curtains, drapes, etc. She drew the drapes to and turned on the lights. Please draw the door to as you leave, but don't shut it all the way.
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Rashad al Sheikh, deputy general manager of Retail Banking at OAB, said, 'This month's draw marks the first of our quarterly elite grand draws where we raise the prize values of our elite draw to RO50,000.
"We expect the draw to be one of the most popular ever.
APPLICATION: Reducing the press-to-dryer draw to 2% or less can help compensate for a loss of internal strength in high-solids surface sizing.
The results showed that the internal strength of surface-sized paper can be increased by reducing the press draw to 2% or lower.
Children draw to try and make sense of their experiences -quite often you will see them talking to themselves as they are drawing, having a conversation with themselves.
Compounds, however, draw to the mechanical stop of the wheel or cam, creating a mechanical draw stop.
Compound bows draw to a mechanical stop or to the valley of the cam, causing you to believe that this is your natural draw length because it feels right.
The degree of crystallinity increases during the second draw to values that are lower than those in single-stage (132[degrees]C) drawn film at an equivalent final draw ratio (Figure 11b).
Willamette, Hawesville PM2: This is a new machine started up in June 1998 using the OptiPress concept with closed draw to the dryers and the SymSizer.