draw to

draw (something) to

To shut or close something. Oh, I drew the bedroom drapes to so that I could take a nap this afternoon.
See also: draw

draw someone or something to(ward) someone or something

to pull someone or something to someone or something. She drew him toward her and kissed him. Todd drew the child toward the light.
See also: draw

draw something to

to close or nearly close something, such as curtains, drapes, etc. She drew the drapes to and turned on the lights. Please draw the door to as you leave, but don't shut it all the way.
See also: draw
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We expect the draw to be one of the most popular ever.
DeltaPoint emphasizes three major concepts in Drag 'n Draw to take drawing and diagramming beyond the current level: 1) extensive symbol libraries (SmartDrawing Libraries) aimed at the specific needs of the scientific, technical, and business communities; 2) tools to simplify drawing from start to finish; and 3) an easy system for customizing objects and drawings and linking them to other objects.