draw (someone or something) together

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draw (someone or something) together

1. To cause people or things to come physically close together. Mom drew all of us together in a group hug after Christmas dinner.
2. To cause people to rely on each other for comfort and support. As tough as its been, I think this time of tragedy has really drawn us all together.
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draw people or things together

to pull people together; to pull things together. She drew her toys together in preparation for leaving. She drew together all the people she wanted to talk to.
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draw someone together

to make people seek one another for emotional support. The tragic accident drew the family all together. Do you think the crisis actually will draw us closer together?
See also: draw, together
References in classic literature ?
Meanwhile, all the circumstances of their situation seemed to draw them together; they were like two children who go hand in hand, pressing closely to one another's side, through a shadow-haunted passage.
Besides drawing attention to the professional runners competing for the title of Newport Marathon Champion, the highlights programme will turn its attention to the grassroots runners and the diverse reasons which draw them together to run the Newport Marathon.
Summary: If you imagine the downtown core of a capital city to be the beating heart of the multicultural, religiously diverse city as a whole, it would seem a fitting place to open a festival that celebrates Beirut's many communities and aims to draw them together.
While Silas and Kate each embark on their own pursuits, the veil continues to draw them together until they both face the same formidable enemy and realize that the war between the Content and Albion is just a shadow of a growing new terror that will leave no citizen of either land unscathed.
A pal said: "Alan and Sheryl have had similar experiences, which helped draw them together. They've been enjoying a lot of each other's company and good times after the heartache."
Mickey (Sean Jones), a mischievous scallywag, and Eddie ( Drew Ashton), a precocious, sensitive child, couldn't be more different, but the differences which draw them together in youth ultimately tear them apart in adulthood.
Will their sorrow, loneliness and electric attraction once again draw them together?