draw straws for

draw straws for (something)

To decide something by picking at random from straws of different lengths. The person who pulls the shortest straw is usually the one chosen for something, often an unpleasant task. Let's draw straws for it—it's the only fair way to decide who goes first.
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draw straws for something

Fig. to decide who gets something or must do something by choosing straws from an unseen set of straws of different lengths. (The person who gets the shortest straw is chosen. See also draw lots.) We drew straws for the privilege of going first. Let's draw straws for it.
See also: draw, for, straw
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101 members will draw straws for three one-year terms and three two-year terms.
In one of the closest run results in North East electoral history, a wouldbe county councillor was denied the chance to draw straws for a place in office after returning officers threw out her complaints of a spoiled ballot paper.
Because of redistricting and the need for staggered terms in the Senate, all senators had to draw straws for either a two-year or four-year term.
DON'T be tempted to drink and drive - blood-alcohol limits in Corsica are lower than in the UK so draw straws for the orange juice.
She told him the variety show must be a strain for the royals and added: "I bet when that envelope comes through the front door you all draw straws for who comes to this."
A hip injury stopped Botica from making his debut and forced the Scarlets to draw straws for goal-kicking duties.