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That is Allah's guidance, by which He guides whoever He wills..." (Qur'an, 39:23) Consequently, a truly sound heart in the Islamic context means a heart that is purified from all forms of impurity that draw one away from Allah.
The power of the "metaphysical imaginary" is thus such as to draw one away from the "intimacy--the truth, the beauty--of finiteness," the conceptualization and excarnation the former involves disallowing that other "infinity [at the heart] of the slightest existing [--and of course mortal--] thing." That all-pervading modern and still hypercontemporary melancholia afflicting writers and nonwriters alike comes, Bonnefoy argues, essentially from "loving an image of the world knowing it is but an image." Poetry presents itself as a refusal of melancholia's "ambiguity," as an obstinate "reminder, a designated direction" of a telluric connectedness that "prescribes that we not be dream's idolater, but, neither, that we accept ourself as iconoclast." No destruction, no blind worship.