draw for

draw for (something)

To decide something by picking an item, often a slip of paper, from others at random. I have my raffle ticket right here—when will they be drawing for a winner?
See also: draw

draw for something

 and draw lots
to choose lots for something, without looking; to draw a token for something from a set of tokens concealed in something. (The tokens are typically slips of paper, one of which is marked as the winner. See also draw straws.) Let's draw for the prize. The winner gets it. We will draw for a winner from the five finalists. The players drew lots to determine who would go first.
See also: draw
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By the rules of the Drawing, such companies are the last to draw for space and do not greatly benefit by participating 15 months before the show," she said.
today announced the shipment this month of Drag 'N Draw for Windows 95, a timely upgrade to the newest structured drawing and diagramming product on the market.
DeltaPoint's Drag 'n Draw for Windows 95 will team with The Kensington Thinking Mouse to create a business and diagramming solution for business and home projects.
today announced the release of Drag `N Draw for Windows, a major new entry to the field of structured drawing and diagramming.