draw for

draw for (something)

To decide something by picking an item, often a slip of paper, from others at random. I have my raffle ticket right here—when will they be drawing for a winner?
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draw for something

 and draw lots
to choose lots for something, without looking; to draw a token for something from a set of tokens concealed in something. (The tokens are typically slips of paper, one of which is marked as the winner. See also draw straws.) Let's draw for the prize. The winner gets it. We will draw for a winner from the five finalists. The players drew lots to determine who would go first.
See also: draw, for
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Yet the price of the draw for Swansea v Spurs - a game where most punters would favour the in-form visitors - is not much longer at 11/4.
Roy Millar's team have been handed a tough draw for the European Championships against Romania and Germany, but at 15-2 they are worth backing to pull off a mighty shock in the Unirea Stadium.