draw attention to

draw attention to (oneself, someone, or something)

To induce people to look at or focus on oneself, someone, or something. Because Alison was late, she crept into the conference room quietly, in an attempt to avoid drawing attention to herself. I put the blanket there strategically to avoid drawing attention to the stain on the couch.
See also: attention, draw

draw someone's attention to someone or something

to attract someone to notice or focus on someone or something. Now, I would like to draw your attention to Fred, the gentleman we have all heard so much about. Could I draw your attention to the statue standing at the entrance?
See also: attention, draw
References in classic literature ?
Some draw attention to the desperate way in which he is grasping his hat.
Thus he requires constant watching, and the worst of it is, you dare not draw attention to his mistake, he is so shrinkingly sensitive about it.
On the contrary, from his point of view, any sudden chance would be likely to draw attention to himself.
There was a dentist's sign, among others, which adorned the entrance, and after staring a moment at the pair of artificial jaws which slowly opened and shut to draw attention to a fine set of teeth, the young gentleman put on his coat, took his hat, and went down to post himself in the opposite doorway, saying with a smile and a shiver, "It's like her to come alone, but if she has a bad time she'll need someone to help her home.
It seemed that Rachel herself had no suspicion that she was watched, or that there was anything in her manner likely to draw attention to her.
She appeared, indeed, to have felt an incongruous impulse to draw attention to her own striking observance of them.
A dramatic architectural installation designed to draw attention to the plight of the Finish countryside.
4 million customers, is continuing its efforts to help victims of domestic violence in Georgia and draw attention to this devastating issue.
ATLANTA -- The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) will distribute thousands of mock game programs and souvenir footballs at the Peach Bowl to draw attention to the plight of hundreds of workers who clean the University of Miami's (UM) various campuses.
An activist-artist group called THINK AGAIN, based in Boston, uses provocative billboards and posters to draw attention to social issues.
Veloqx, Klein Dytham's property developer client, was making its debut in Tokyo and wanted something especially eye-catching to draw attention to its activities.
chairman of awards sponsor GVA Williams, added, I am delighted that GVA Williams is able to underwrite these awards, and by doing so, draw attention to the preservation efforts that are constantly improving New York City.
We couldn't think of a more exciting time to draw attention to Maryland's great baseball history," said Marty Goldman, deputy director of marketing for the Maryland State Lottery," and what better spokesperson than Mrs.
The NASA exhibit, housed in the fair's Technology Center on the west side of the fairgrounds, will draw attention to the epic achievements of the Wright brothers at the dawn of aviation as well as the contributions of NASA and its predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, to the development of air and space flight.
Greenpeace activists entered the Sizewell nuclear power station on January 13 to draw attention to the poor security at nuclear plants.