draw aside

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draw aside

1. To move to the side, especially so as to make way for someone or something. A reflexive pronoun can be used between "draw" and "aside." We all drew aside as the carriage made its way down the road. She drew herself aside to let the principal speak privately with the teacher.
2. To part something, especially curtains, and pull it to the sides. A noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "aside." She drew aside the curtains and flung the windows open. Please pull the drapes aside and let some light in!
3. To have one move away from someone or something, often in order to discuss something privately; to take aside. A noun or pronoun is used between "draw" and "aside." I drew the nurse aside so that I could ask a few more questions about my dad's surgery. I saw the boss draw Tom aside after the meeting. I hope he's not in trouble for these poor sales figures!
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Something decided through a lottery or raffle. We'll be having a drawing later tonight, so be sure to buy a raffle ticket if you want the chance to win a brand new car!
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draw someone aside

to pull or steer someone aside. The teacher drew Bob aside to have a word with him. Harry drew aside someone he could trust and expressed his fears.
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As Christians, we should do what Jesus did and draw aside from our crowded and busy lives to seek out the single individual in need of warmth and care.
Draw aside, our likely hero must also tick these boxes: | Ran within the last five weeks.
Meanwhile, if they can draw aside the veil shading the future, why hasn't Russell or one of his mates ever come up with a Eurolottery jackpot?
Leaving the draw aside, Andrew Balding's gelding has plenty in his favour.
THROUGH the avenue of your paper, may I draw aside from all the political arguments and debates which occupy so much space in your You Say pages to record my grateful thanks and appreciation to the Bethesda Community Choir and Bethesda Community Children's Choir.