draw alongside

draw (up) alongside (someone or something)

To move into a position next to someone or something in motion. I knew I had a chance to win the race when I drew up alongside of the fastest girl in the heat.
See also: alongside, draw

draw (up) alongside someone or something

 and draw (up) alongside
to move up even with someone or something in motion. The police officer drew up alongside us and ordered us to pull over. A car drew up alongside us.
See also: alongside, draw
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They pursued the stolen car at about 45 miles per hour, but did not attempt to draw alongside or force it to stop since they feared that the suspect might be armed.
Fears about Eriksson's future as national boss also grew after England were given a tough World Cup Group draw alongside Argentina, Sweden and Nigeria.
Killie came out the draw alongside the Norwegian's of Viking Stavanger which suits Marsh down to the ground.
They go into the hat for the draw alongside famous names like Melrose, Boroughmuir and Gala - who have still to play their quarter final ties.
The Kirkwall lifeboat was unable to draw alongside and was damaged during the rescue bid.
And SFA chief executive Gordon Smith has persuaded them to make the draw alongside SFA president George Peat.
The latter wasnOt stopping at the head of affairs, but a determined challenge from Caloona Striker saw him draw alongside off the last turn and he just had the upper hand on the run for home to prevail by half a length in 39.
The women's first team played in the Premier League against some top- class Dutch opposition and were pleased to record a win and a draw alongside three defeats against some of the best sides in Europe.
Now they go into the Champions League draw alongside Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.
Last season Wood gave Luton an almighty scare before going down 2-1 at Kenilworth Road and thanks to Marshall, they will once again be in the draw alongside some top names.
But Edlund, who eagled the 17th to draw alongside Johansson, has never even finished in the top 10 on tour, while halfway leader Roger Chapman is still in with a chance of his maiden victory.
Young's men have the easiest draw alongside inconsistent French side Perpignan, English basement boys Leeds Tykes and Italian side Calvisano.
The wraps are just coming off after some early preparatory work on the Polytrack surfaces and the requirement was just to draw alongside without too much punishment of the muscle tissue.
Now, instead of going into the lucrative Champions League pot in Monaco this afternoon, Celtic will drop into tomorrow's UEFA Cup draw alongside Rangers and hopefully Livingston and Aberdeen.
The trio of Alf Diston, Eddie Tims and Bob Cook will be joined in Wednesday's quarter-final draw alongside club colleagues Simon Gilbert, Peter Gilbert and Chris Lea.