drape with

drape (someone or something) with (something)

To cover someone or something with something. We draped the couch with a sheet to keep it from getting damaged or stained in the move.
See also: drape

drape someone or something with something

to hang something on or over someone or something. They draped each guest with a makeshift toga. They draped the statue with a brightly colored loincloth.
See also: drape
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By using a drape with superior resistance to tear and puncture damage, the number of drapes that are used to layer to prevent drape damage sustained during the rigors of orthopedic surgery can be reduced.
* Laparoscopic Abdominal Drape with clear view pockets and adjustable hook and loop closures to help keep tubes, lines and instruments out of the surgical field.
* Breast Drape with integrated armboard covers and tube and line control.
* EENT Split Drape-full coverage drape with tube and line controls and a slip resistant pad for instruments.
* Hip drape with large, clear leg pockets on both sides, that can be used for right or left hip procedures.