drape around

drape (something) around (someone or something)

To loosely place something over someone or something. It wasn't as cold out when I left the theater, so I just draped my coat around my shoulders.
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drape something around someone or something

to wrap or hang something around someone or something. She draped the shawl around her shoulders and felt a little warmer. Mother draped a towel around Timmy after his bath.
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Mina: My first memory of my sister is that we used to drape around our mother's dupattas as saris and dance to Palki Mein Hoke.
DECORATE me, adorn me, beautify me Wrap your tinsel round my greenery Make me be a beautiful sight Drape around me your coloured lights.
A picture of glam goth, Deepika wore a black lurex jersey gown with a patent cup, and a delicate signature Shantanu and Nikhil hand drape around the bustline.
After work I would pick up and drape around my neck our half grown cat.
And dad Mike revealed how he defied an International Olympic Committee ban on flying the Welsh flag in Games venues by taking it in for his gold-medal winning son to drape around his shoulders.
The latest diamond accessory doesn't drape around your neck or loop around your finger, but is created for the lips.A The Luminous Dia Gloss lip gloss is the latest addition to Missha's M range and it contains luxurious diamond dust, fine pearl powder and platinum derivatives that promise to give lips a dazzling diamond-like shine like never before.