drain from (someone or something)

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drain from (someone or something)

1. To flow or move away from something, as of a liquid. Don't worry, once the rain stops, all of this water will drain from the sidewalk.
2. To cause a liquid to flow or move out of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "drain" and "from." Ever since that football injury, I have to go to the doctor every so often to get fluid drained from my knee. I had to drain the broth from the noodles, or else my daughter wouldn't eat the soup.
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drain something from someone or something

to cause something to flow out of someone or something. The farmers drained the water from the flooded fields. The doctor drained the fluids from Roger after his operation.
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drain from something

to flow out of something. All the dirty oil drained from the engine. The milk drained from the leaky container and covered the bottom of the refrigerator.
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'Due to blockages in natural drains we have started dewatering the city with diesel pumps and with other machinery,' he said and added that his government was planning to construct two storm-water drains from Khirthar mountain range.
Sources said that different kinds of drains were there for keeping flow of saline water but near Jhilori and in sub-division Mirpurkhas and Kot Ghulam Muhammad of drainage division LBOD drains had covered the drain with big herbs and shrubs that had become hurdle in flow of water along with silt had accumulated in drains from 4 to 5 feet high.
A proper mechanism is needed for waste collection and disposal to save drains from clogging