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directives of the Supreme Court, 36 tenders for cleaning of drains
Several recent studies have concluded that large-bore drains are associated with increased pain, a feature that is most likely related to a more traumatic insertion technique and larger tissue injury.
Rue and Johnson [11] describe removing silicone drains, which are much softer than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) drains used in Hemovac drains, by grasping the tubing with a clamp.
Pouring highly corrosive chemicals down drains to clear clogged pipes is not an environmentally smart approach.
The present randomized clinical study failed to demonstrate any benefit of routine use of drains in uncomplicated thyroidectomy.
In short the drains are not required in most cases of thyroidectomy.
Drains include sand and gravel with uniform grain sizes, also dam foundation is made of clay sand and dam different zones' parameters are presented in Table 1.
"On the occasion of Janmashtami, we started the cleaning of drains. We have started this as a movement and within one week we will achieve significant results," he added.
According to documents gathered by the Express Tribune, all of Karachi's more than 550 rain drains were either clogged or encroached upon and need to be cleared ahead of the rainy season.
'Due to blockages in natural drains we have started dewatering the city with diesel pumps and with other machinery,' he said and added that his government was planning to construct two storm-water drains from Khirthar mountain range.
He said MBPP has taken efforts to clean up all the sludge and waste in the storm drains that have not been thoroughly cleaned for the past 20 years due to limited access to the storm drain.
The simplest and most obvious tactic for clogged drains is prevention: Try not to let your drains get mucky in the first place.
Placing drains regularly remained in practice for a prolonged period of time4.
Until recently, surgeons routinely used drains after thyroidectomy.
New GDZ Series electronic condensate drains for compressed air and industrial gases, with CompAir brand.