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The data are presented as the Number of patients and Percentiles in parenthesis; X2 test was done for all the Complications Complications Non-Drained Drained Haematoma 1 (2%) 2 (4%) Seroma 1 (2%) 3 (6%) Wound infection 0(0%) 1 (2%) Suture reaction 1 (2) 2 (4%) Transient recurrent nerve proxy 1 (0.5%) 0 (0%) Persistent recurrent nerve injury 0 (0%) 0 (0%) Transient hypoparathyroidism 2 (4%) 3 (6%) Persistent hypoparathyroidism 0 (0%) 0 (0%) Table 2.
Our results favour low vacuum suction drains as they drained significantly less fluid in total.
Our study showed that low vacuum suction drained less fluid in total , less fluid per day and less fluid in initial three post operative days as compared to high vacuum suction.
* Canned lentils (drained), mushrooms (drained), diced tomatoes, mixed vegetables (drained), and tomato puree
* Sliced beets (drained), crushed pineapple, mandarin orange segments (drained), chickpeas (really!), and a 4-ounce can of orange juice
* White beans, waxed beans (drained), mixed veggies (drained), diced canned potatoes (drained), and canned sauerkraut
* Canned hominy (drained), kidney beans (drained), canned vegetable soup, canned vegetable broth, and corn (drained)
government drained the Everglades of half its water.
Next, water is drained into one of the three water conservation areas (3) and finally into Everglades National Park (4) and the sea (5).
The EPA recognizes that a drained and flushed transformer carcass can contain up to 100 lb of PCBS and that the fluid may eventually migrate into the environment.
[3] For the morning, place a block of drained tofu in a microwave-safe bowl.
* Toss pasta and sauce with canned, drained beans and chopped onions
* Add drained, canned beans (such as white or garbanzo) to canned pizza sauce
* Combine drained, canned beans, chopped, canned tomatoes, and Italian seasoning