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Add the beef, cook for a few minutes and drain off any fat in the pan.
Let the excess batter drain off and lower into the oil.
Drain off the water using sieve and suspend the pumpkin pieces over the pan to thoroughly drain and dry out for 30 minutes.
Remove from the oven and drain off any liquid, then return to the oven, uncovered, for 10-12 minutes.
5 Remove the chicken skin, drain off all of the fat and carve the meat.
Push the flesh through a sieve and put the mix into a muslin bag (or a tea towel) to allow any excess liquid to drain off (hang over a bowl in the fridge overnight).
The gate leakage and drain off currents are respectively 160 nA and 250 [micro]A at 225[degrees]C.
After they detect TNT, the plants' leaves drain off chlorophyll--the stuff that makes them green--and turn white.
The no-maintenance panels keep gear about a half-inch or more off the ground, which lets water drain off and evaporate more easily.
Place the fried squid onto parchment paper to allow the excess oil to drain off. 9.
Another method of detaining stormwater on site is "controlled flow roof drainage." This system permits rainwater to drain off a roof at a controlled rate (usually equal to or less than the previous undeveloped rate); after a storm has abated, the accumulated water drains off within a prescribed period of time.
Drain off any excess liquid and stir through the remaining rosemary, leaves finely chopped.
Drain off the water and allow the tongue to cool before peeling off the outer skin and discarding.
due to the smooth, angled surfaces the detergents can drain off residue free, making the cells easy to clean.
Drain off any fat and add loads of veg and it is instantly transformed to a "diet" meal.