drain of

drain (someone or something) of (something)

1. To cause someone or something to lose some ability or quality, often energy. Eleanor has such a pessimistic attitude that being around her just drains me of energy.
2. To empty or remove something (often a liquid) from something else. I always have to drain this soup of its broth because my daughter only likes the noodles.
See also: drain, of

drain someone or something of something

Fig. to exhaust someone or something of something, such as energy, motivation, etc. This day has drained me of all my motivation. The first performance drained the cast of all its energy.
See also: drain, of

drain something of something

to empty something out of something. He drained the glass of the remaining beer.
See also: drain, of
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Diagonal downstream drain of two dams has the same shear stress range and stress range is between 0KPa and 750KPa.
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ld] is the hydraulic head loss along the drain of [X.
The on-site method utilizes a processor that remains attached to the transformer by a series of hoses after the initial drain of PCB fluid.
of Sangrana L Drain RD 0 19680, Kotli Dewan Drain RD 0-18200, Jhabelwali L Drains RD 0-22500,F Link Drains I,II, and III RD 0-4000,RD 0-2600, RD 0-6100, Chirewan L Drain RD 0-7950, F Link Drain RD 0-3100, Dodan Wali L/Drain RD 0-15575,and F/Link Drains I,II and III RD 0-3950,0-1100,0-3000, Bahaman Wala F/Link Drains I, and II RD 0-2600,0-2150, Warring L/Drain RD 0-11350, Marh Mallu Drain RD 0-40500 AND Kotkapura L/Drain RD 0-19530, Management and acquitic weed Narha in various drain of water logged area by spry of herbicide around up 41 SL glyphostate.
Never dump it down a drain of let it run on the ground from the separator's drain hose.