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a drag

A person, thing, or task that is tedious or boring. I don't know who invited this guy to the party. He is a such a drag! I know cleaning out the garage is a drag, but it has to be done.
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(a) drag

(on someone ) a burden (to someone). I wish you wouldn 't be such a drag on your friends. I don't want to be a drag on the department.


someone or something on(to) something and drag someone or something on*to pull or lead someone or something to a particular place, such as a stage, platform, dance floor, etc. The master of ceremonies dragged her onto the stage for another bow. Then he dragged on the next performer.


1. n. something dull and boring. What a drag. Let’s go someplace interesting.
2. n. an annoying person; a burdensome person. (see also schlep.) Gert could sure be a drag when she wanted.
3. n. a (female) date. You got a drag for the dance yet?
4. n. a puff of a cigarette. One more drag and he coughed for a while and stubbed out the fag.
5. tv. to pull or puff on a cigarette. She dragged a couple and sat in the funk for a while.
6. tv. to race a car against someone; to race someone in a car. I’m planning to drag you at the fairgrounds next Saturday. Better be there.

drag (one's)

To act or work with intentional slowness; delay.
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I still fish a few reels with cork drags, specifically a Billy Pate Bonefish reel (from the early '80s), an Abel Super tarpon reel and a Tibor Everglades.
uk and click on, Other meets and events then click on, Rotary Summer Drags 2010, New Zealand.
We were able to further refine our drags thanks to their information.
Use it to spray scent wicks, drags, scrapes, boot pads, and even foliage.
Just as a dipper drags honey along as it twirls in a honey jar, any spinning body in space, including Earth, uought to drag some space-time along with it.
I was a little skeptical about the hand drags, but Kareem and crew must have decided it was just Paulo with his drunken-monkey style, so it was all good.
According to a recent FDA review of the 273 generic drags approved in average between the bioequivalence of the generic and the branded version drag.
Many are people who have tried drags without significant adverse consequences.
With a unique patent-pending process, the user selects the desired musical instrument icon from an icon palette and drags and drops the instrument onto a desired location on a virtual soundstage.
Live Liner drags on specified models allow baits to swim free for freelining.
It soon finds what it's looking for: a tree branch, which it noisily drags between the nesting tree and a nearby tree laden with fruit.
Forty outsized examples of their creative images will be displayed as a part of "FASTER: The Pomona Drags, 1960s Photographs of Pomona Drag Racing," an exhibit developed by UCR/California Museum of Photography in cooperation with the NHRA and sponsored by the Automobile Club of Southern California.
Each part in the series features events for local street racers and spectators including ``Night Drags - Run What Ya Brung,'' which pits amateur street racers against other amateurs; ``Best of Show'' judged from all the cars and trucks brought to the show; a bikini contest, which pits women from around the country against each other for a $1,000 prize; a burnout contest in which racers are given 60 seconds to smoke their tires as much as possible; a neon contest for participants to show off the creative neon lights on their vehicle; a ``Dyno'' contest that tests the horsepower of participants' vehicles; A Sound Pressure Level competition for the loudest cars at the event; and the United States Autosound Competition to pit contestants' stereos and their installation against one another.
The user simply drags a component into the assembly view, which automatically shows it snapping into position.