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dragoon (someone) into (something)

To force or pressure someone into doing something. Unfortunately, the boss dragooned me into planning this whole conference on my own.
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dragoon someone into something

to force someone into doing something. We dragooned the boys into helping us. She was trying to dragoon some of the men into setting up the banquet tables.
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Major General David Rutherford-Jones, Colonel of the Regiment, The Light Dragoons, said: "Light Dragoons and Northumberland Hussars everywhere are deeply proud of their heritage.
A post on the official 4 SCOTS Facebook page, said: "The Royal Dragoon Guards may have won but the lack of kilt was seen to be a marked advantage which hopefully will be addressed next year."
Dragoons, as Walkers, were issued in pairs, and by 1850, with one shoulder stock.
The Transitional Walker Dragoon averages just over 1-inch for five shots at 20 yards, using 30, 35, 40, and 45 grains of Hodgdon's Pyrodex P, which is comparable to FFFg black powder.
The Light Dragoons is a light cavalry regiment whose historic reconnaissance role dates back to the early eighteenth century.
If there's a Virginia Dragoon among them, its cylinder pin might fit yours.
Lance Corporal Richard Scanlon, from 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (The Welsh Cavalry)
Captain Jon Whelan, Second in Command, A Squadron, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, said: "One of the best shots with anti-tank weapons I have ever seen, his skills as a squadron barman were also legendary.
The two soldiers, from the 1st The Queen's Dragoons Guards, had been providing security in the Yakchal region of Nahr-e-Saraj when they were caught in the explosion yesterday.
Tpr Lawrence, who served with The Light Dragoons, died in an explosion while travelling in a Scimitar reconnaissance vehicle.
The Royal Canadian Dragoons and Royal Canadian Regiment will commemorate their 1254 anniversary on June 7, 2008.
More than 250 men of The Light Dragoons will parade through Dereham, Norfolk, tomorrow at 10.40am after a year spent battling the Taliban in lawless Helmand Province.
It is known that Dragoons were converted to cartridge guns, and at least one Paterson, so it is not unlikely that a Walker or two also had their frames reworked and fitted with a breechring and bored-through cartridge cylinder.
Brevet Major Matthew Hervey of the Sixth Light Dragoons romances another officer's wife throughout the story.
The Dragoons, also known as the Welsh Calvary, must fund the refurbishment of the museum.