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dragoon (someone) into (something)

To force or pressure someone into doing something. Unfortunately, the boss dragooned me into planning this whole conference on my own.
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dragoon someone into something

to force someone into doing something. We dragooned the boys into helping us. She was trying to dragoon some of the men into setting up the banquet tables.
See also: dragoon
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During the sessions officers from the Op Dragoon team will talk about car safety, awareness on vehicle blind spots, winter vehicle checks and drink/drug driving.
Established in 2013, Dragoon ITCN is a woman-owned small business with 13 employees, slightly over half of which are here in the Dayton area.
Queen's Dragoon Guards are put through their paces (insets)
Two Queen's Dragoon Guards, L/Cpl, Richard Scanlon and Lt David Boyce, were killed during the regiment's seven-month tour.
The pair, serving with 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, were travelling in a Jackal, an off-road armoured vehicle, when it was struck by an explosive device.
I hope that, despite his impending resignation as CDS, The Big Cod, as a Dragoon, will be present.
The band is a few thousand miles away from its home base opposite Buckingham Palace as it continues a 10-week tour of the United States with The Pipes, Drums and Dancers of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
Pa Ubu, the coarse pig-like dragoon captain at the heart of Alfred Jarry's play, hatches a plot to murder the King of Poland and take the throne.
Charles honoured the fallen comrades of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards in the small village of Creully in Normandy.
He told pals he wants to join the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, the country's only cavalry regiment and one of the most famous in the British Army.
The Fort Myer, Virginia, military community has developed a three-day competition for military police soldiers it calls Dragoon Challenge.
But if you detour just a few miles east to the settlement of Dragoon, you can lose yourself in a lunar landscape of giant boulders and enjoy a wealth of history, hiking, and mountain biking--for a few hours or an entire weekend.
Northumbria Police released the footage as two more of the region's dangerous drivers were banned from the North East's roads as part of Operation Dragoon.