drag (one's) feet

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drag (one's) feet

1. Literally, to not completely pick up one's feet when walking, so that they drag with each step. Please stop dragging your feet, you're going to wear out the soles of your shoes.
2. To move slowly and reluctantly because one does not want to do something. We can't be late for the dentist, so quit dragging your feet and get in the car!
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drag one's feet

Also, drag one's heels. Act or work with intentional slowness, deliberately hold back or delay. For example, The British had been dragging their feet concerning a single European currency. This metaphor for allowing one's feet to trail dates from the mid-1900s.
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drag your feet (or heels)

(of a person or organization) be deliberately slow or reluctant to act.
1994 Nature Conservancy We can't afford to drag our feet until a species is at the brink of extinction.
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drag your ˈfeet/ˈheels

do something very slowly or delay doing something because you do not want to do it: How much longer will the government go on dragging its feet about whether to invest more money in the railways?
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References in classic literature ?
They were Chinese, with expressionless, Sphinx-like faces, and they walked in peculiar shambling fashion, dragging their feet as if the clumsy brogans were too heavy for their lean shanks.
Mr Ross said in a statement: "It appears to me MMA leaders here are deliberately dragging their feet on the establishment of appropriate governance and safety standards.
The bureau's prosecution department was suffering owing to the absence of the prosecutor general, he observed and remarked the authorities were dragging their feet to fill the post to benefit someone.
A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "It is wholly misleading to accuse anyone of n is ding one of Peta dragging their feet on this.
Instead they have taken on three court cases against their own staff and lost every single one and now they are dragging their feet on settlements.
HARRY REDKNAPP voiced his frustrations at QPR dragging their feet over transfer targets after Joe Cole's equaliser for West Ham denied his rock-bottom side victory in a 1-1 draw at Upton Park.
He said: "The condition of the site, and the fact that it has been left to rot for so long, is due to Netto dragging their feet and stalling for time.
Iran is now tying to crack the whip over a group of Indian oil companies that are dragging their feet about investing in the South Pars gasfield.
Mr Balls said: "To the small number of areas where local councils are dragging their feet, my message is clear - there is no longer any excuse for inaction.
Meanwhile, the people in product development are dragging their feet on new products, which seem to trickle out at the pace of sap from a maple tree.
It's time city officials stop dragging their feet, stop saying they are studying alternatives.
It would be difficult to accuse anyone of dragging their feet but the patience of the public is starting to wear thin with a belief that more should have been done to nip this epidemic in the bud.
For years, thousands of Liverpool merchant seamen sailed out of Liverpool all over the world and yet we don't hear a word of objection from any of them about the shameful way the powers-thatbe are dragging their feet on the proposed liner terminal at the Pier Head.
From AP: "South Carolina Republicans say the Democrats need to stop dragging their feet and return the beer money they are owed.
Blatter said: "It seems the Premier League in England are dragging their feet.