drag (one's) feet

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drag (one's) feet

1. Literally, to not completely pick up one's feet when walking, so that they drag with each step. Please stop dragging your feet, you're going to wear out the soles of your shoes.
2. To move slowly and reluctantly because one does not want to do something. We can't be late for the dentist, so quit dragging your feet and get in the car!
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drag one's feet

Also, drag one's heels. Act or work with intentional slowness, deliberately hold back or delay. For example, The British had been dragging their feet concerning a single European currency. This metaphor for allowing one's feet to trail dates from the mid-1900s.
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drag your feet (or heels)

(of a person or organization) be deliberately slow or reluctant to act.
1994 Nature Conservancy We can't afford to drag our feet until a species is at the brink of extinction.
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drag your ˈfeet/ˈheels

do something very slowly or delay doing something because you do not want to do it: How much longer will the government go on dragging its feet about whether to invest more money in the railways?
See also: drag, feet, heel
References in classic literature ?
He was walking slowly, dragging his feet along as if he had no purpose.
Villaraigosa says Hahn has been dragging his feet on ethics reform, a charge that the mayor is hard-pressed to deny.
He has been dragging his feet learning the new computer system and no longer works smoothly with other staff.
A woman in the audience with boyfriend trouble complained she'd been dating him for seven years and felt he was dragging his feet.
The mayor's not dragging his feet, he's taking action,'' Deputy Mayor Matt Middlebrook said.
Garcetti went public with his charge of noncooperation and Parks responded by accusing the district attorney of dragging his feet in prosecuting Rampart officers and of failing to set up proper procedures for handling investigative reports.
Just as in the child support scandal when the district attorney failed to take action, and in the Belmont High School scandal when the district attorney failed to investigate, it appears the district attorney is dragging his feet in representing the interests of the citizens of this county,'' Antonovich said Friday.
John Lynch, his challenger, has accused the district attorney of dragging his feet on the investigation after learning about the allegations against Longo in September.