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a drag

A person, thing, or task that is tedious or boring. I don't know who invited this guy to the party. He is a such a drag! I know cleaning out the garage is a drag, but it has to be done.
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(a) drag

(on someone ) a burden (to someone). I wish you wouldn 't be such a drag on your friends. I don't want to be a drag on the department.


someone or something on(to) something and drag someone or something on*to pull or lead someone or something to a particular place, such as a stage, platform, dance floor, etc. The master of ceremonies dragged her onto the stage for another bow. Then he dragged on the next performer.


1. n. something dull and boring. What a drag. Let’s go someplace interesting.
2. n. an annoying person; a burdensome person. (see also schlep.) Gert could sure be a drag when she wanted.
3. n. a (female) date. You got a drag for the dance yet?
4. n. a puff of a cigarette. One more drag and he coughed for a while and stubbed out the fag.
5. tv. to pull or puff on a cigarette. She dragged a couple and sat in the funk for a while.
6. tv. to race a car against someone; to race someone in a car. I’m planning to drag you at the fairgrounds next Saturday. Better be there.

drag (one's)

To act or work with intentional slowness; delay.
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To sum up, try dragging off at a straight angle, making sure to go slowly over the whole double row header.
Holding down the Shift key while dragging the Fill Handle tells Excel to insert cells.
Be careful of using Shift when dragging the Fill Handle left or up.
Yet the effects of frame dragging may prove enormous in deep space where spinning, ultradense concentrations of mass known as supermassive black holes may torque space-time vigorously enough to create the enormously powerful jets of matter and energy known as quasars (SN: 4/5/03, p.
Pugh of the Defense Department independently proposed detecting Earth's frame dragging by sending an extremely stable gyroscope into an orbit that crosses the planet's poles.
Many astronomers have come to doubt an earlier finding by another team suggesting frame dragging (SN: 11/15/97, p.
Branch dragging was performed mainly by adult males, and occasionally by adult females and adolescent males.
OLE integration enaerform powerful engineering calculations with Me greater accuracy, while parametric symbols alng functionality of Imagineer Technical provide user draws a pipe line, SmartConnectors automalues, attributes and behavior rules to symbols, which are edited on the fly by simply dragging handles to parametrically resize or reshape.
With a new Datasources browser, developers can construct a complete form view by dragging a table from the browser to the current form with SuperCede 2.
Dragging a thought to the folder icon temporarily stores it for later use, or you can drag a thought to the trashcan icon to throw it away.
SuperCede's form centric environment allows developers to build professional-looking interfaces by simply dragging and dropping the components onto their form and visually setting the properties.
The Site view also flags unreachable or unused resources that can be linked quickly by dragging a page icon from the Site view into a Page view.
Movie-Making: Kids can create "movies" by clicking on a sticker and dragging it to record its motion.
The objects and files can then be transferred by simply dragging and dropping the file onto the target system.