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"The sport's been dragged through the mud again," said Radcliffe from her Font Romeau base in the French Pyrenees.
Twain also spoke of how the American flag had been "dragged through the mud." Our flag will continue to be soiled until, as Zinn suggests, we seek respect from the world for our dedication to human rights rather than our military prowess and begin to consider all children everywhere as our own.
Grant Stott, 35, the ex-TV presenter's brother, said: "The family have been dragged through the mud."
"But, with Walkerton and other ongoing public policy debates around manure management and endangered species legislation at both the provincial and federal levels, agriculture was getting dragged through the mud and the image in the mainstream media was poor.
The reputation of officers has been dragged through the mud GRAEME PEARSON
People who act rather weirdly but have never been charged with a crime have their past dug up and their character dragged through the mud by reporters under pressure to obtain a story by any means.
How frustrating it must have been for them over the last few months to have their names dragged through the mud due to the misdemeanours of their colleagues.
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