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Then Matai Shang grasped her about the waist and dragged her away through a door leading within the tower.
She felt that a powerful and implacable hand seized her by the hair, and dragged her away as irrevocably as fatality drags humanity.
As he dragged her away toward the prahu of Muda Saffir she cried out to the strange white man who seemed her self-appointed protector.
And pouncing upon Polly, Maud dragged her away like a captured ship towed by a noisy little steam-tug.
The victim told police Hatlen whom she knew from previous contact approached her and demanded money but, when she declined, he dragged her away and punched, choked and sexually assaulted her, then fled, according to the release.
Former colleague Margaret Heaney, 50, said Wales had told her she had grabbed the woman and dragged her away to her bedroom.
He added: "The woman was approached by an offender who demanded her car keys and dragged her away from the car by her hair, the men then stole the vehicle.
"Unfortunately, the rope got tangled with a five-year-old girl and dragged her away with the balloon.
Unfortunately, the rope got tangled with a five year -old girl and dragged her away.''
Pc Glynn rushed the woman, dragged her away and took the lighter.