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They did not drag her away at once, but sang with her for a long time and then at last dragged her off, and behind the scenes something metallic was struck three times and everyone knelt down and sang a prayer.
I guess she don't need a mule team to drag her away, but women are better at coaching than they are at running bases.
Pavel tried to drag her away. In the struggle, the groom rose.
I could hear that her bodyguards and her boyfriend were trying to drag her away."
So, do I drag her away? Do I chat politely to the person with the Burberry baseball cap and tattoos?
He stormed over to drag her away and swung one devastating blow which smashed Mr Smith's cheek in three places.
He shouted: "Here you are - your mother has been looking for you", and tried to drag her away. Luckily, she broke free and ran into the shop she was heading for, but was too petrified to say anything.
She was grabbed by a man, described as being in his late 40s, who tried to kiss her and drag her away from the parade of shops.
In period costume and wearing a white wig, he planted a smacker on her cheek - while Becks impatiently tried to drag her away.
He grabbed her wrist and tried to drag her away, but the girl kicked him and he fled into his car which was parked nearby.
The youngster was outside a garage with her nine-month-old brother in Cooks Lane, Chelmsley Wood, when she was approached by a man who tried to drag her away.
He chased and attacked her, trying to drag her away, until a passer-by intervened.
Waschler, now 34, recalls noticing groups of deaf people smiling and carrying on at the local shopping mall when she was growing up, but her mother would catch her glancing at them, then shackle her arm with her grip and drag her away. "Mama wanted me to be mainstream, more like her and Daddy," says Waschler, a computer technician who eventually did learn to sign as a teenager.
She battered Mr Kanani, rained blows on Miss Honour's face and head-butted her before a taxi driver stepped in to drag her away. But as she was being hauled up, Young lashed out a final time with her foot.
Orange County officials said it tried to drag her away but other mountain bikers threw rocks until it fled.