drag away

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drag (someone or something) away

1. To move something away from something else by pulling it while it is on the ground. When I dragged my bed away from the wall, I found a piece of paper I'd dropped back there months ago.
2. To forcibly pull someone away from something or some place that they are clinging to because they do not want to leave it. This usage can be literal or hyperbolic. The police had to drag the criminal away from the scene of the crime. Good luck dragging your brother away from his favorite cartoon to do his homework. You couldn't drag me away from gardening—I find it so therapeutic!
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drag something away (from something )

 and drag something away
to push or pull something away from something or some place. He dragged the sofa away from the wall so he could clean behind it. He had to drag away the sofa in order to plug in the lamp. We worked together to drag it away.
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Police were called to Clovenstone Park in Wester Hailes after residents reported seeing the stolen Leyland van crash at about 6am and two men trying to drag away a safe.