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a drag

A person, thing, or task that is tedious or boring. I don't know who invited this guy to the party. He is a such a drag! I know cleaning out the garage is a drag, but it has to be done.
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(a) drag

(on someone ) a burden (to someone). I wish you wouldn 't be such a drag on your friends. I don't want to be a drag on the department.


someone or something on(to) something and drag someone or something on*to pull or lead someone or something to a particular place, such as a stage, platform, dance floor, etc. The master of ceremonies dragged her onto the stage for another bow. Then he dragged on the next performer.


1. n. something dull and boring. What a drag. Let’s go someplace interesting.
2. n. an annoying person; a burdensome person. (see also schlep.) Gert could sure be a drag when she wanted.
3. n. a (female) date. You got a drag for the dance yet?
4. n. a puff of a cigarette. One more drag and he coughed for a while and stubbed out the fag.
5. tv. to pull or puff on a cigarette. She dragged a couple and sat in the funk for a while.
6. tv. to race a car against someone; to race someone in a car. I’m planning to drag you at the fairgrounds next Saturday. Better be there.

drag (one's)

To act or work with intentional slowness; delay.
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In the final Q5 a rear light spoiler was indeed included leading to a drag reduction of 2 counts.
An asymptotic behavior of the drag coefficient with increasing number of cells was clearly seen [14].
Even as drag becomes more commercial, a host of queens continue to use their podiums and performances to challenge inequality and homophobia around the world.
Served with a side of sizzling Summer Show numbers from Betty Legs Diamond and her Boulevard cast, Dragged Through The Generations was a delicious drag dish that whetted the appetite for Pride weekend.
In terms of the results, the drag from the steady-state runs with MRF was equal to the maximum drag predicted in the Des runs with a 5[degrees] hub rotation per time step.
A number of scholars of drag, transvestism, and cross-dressing seem to take the nature of drag as a cultural given, and elide specific definitions of what it means to be 'in drag.
The Drag and Drift double-header costs BD10; while participating in just the drag or the drifting will cost BD7.
The concept of drag racing was always there, but putting in a brand-new circuit was the new idea.
Soon after the discovery of the phonon drag, an analogous phenomenon was predicted to appear in magnetic materials: the so-called magnon drag.
Following the acquisition of Dynamet of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA last year, combined with a concurrent in-house development, two types of Tubular Drag Conveyors are the latest additions to Spiroflow's portfolio.
Researches on drag reduction technologies have been received significant attentions in the past decade Many engineering applications in aeronautics, marine and pipelines can be greatly benefited from dn reduction technologies.
Most pilots know that drag force and lift increase by the square of velocity (airspeed).
Some private equity investors affectionately refer to their drag along rights as their "nuclear option.
drag MY best mate is originally from New Zealand STYLE and Down Under they go absolutely crazy for Mazda rotary engines.
One of the items listed on the sale bill was a "new" 2-point, Fast-hitch, 3-section IH McCormick drag.