draft for

draft (someone) for (something)

To enlist someone for some purpose. Unfortunately, the boss drafted me to plan this whole conference on my own.
See also: draft

draft someone for something

to select someone for something or to do something. We drafted a bunch of the boys for moving tables. The committee drafted some of the members for kitchen work.
See also: draft
References in classic literature ?
Noel Vanstone looked at the draft for the Will and the draft for the Letter with suspicious curiosity.
He read the draft for the Will first, pausing and knitting his brows distrustfully, wherever he found blank spaces left in the manuscript to be filled in with the names of persons and the enumeration of sums bequeathed to them.
The draft for the Letter was a much longer document.
This could be a peculiar draft for several reasons.
Our own congressional leaders have considered adding women to the draft for many years.
With West working his first draft for Memphis and with what most consider the deepest draft in years, there could be almost as many trades today as there are selections.
Pittsburgh can't afford the contract it made with Jaromir Jagr and will have to trade him, and the Blues left soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Brett Hull unprotected in the expansion draft for the same reason.
Parcells is certainly under scrutiny in his first draft for the Jets.