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In fact, he seemed never to have heard that there existed such a thing as a code of honor, for he repeatedly outraged a dozen Barsoomian fighting customs that an honorable man would rather die than ignore.
A moment later the boarding tackle dropped from the keel of the Thuria, and from a dozen points along either side stout, knotted leathern lines trailed downward.
A dozen huge and hairy forms loomed large beneath the trees at the far side of the enclosure.
A couple of the apes turned and fled at the sound of the firearm; but Chulk and a half dozen others waddled rapidly forward, and, following the ape-man's directions, seized both him and Werper and bore them off toward the jungle.
Tarzan stepped out of the jungle a dozen paces from them.
Could D'Arnot have believed that this was the same man he had introduced into half a dozen of the most select clubs of Paris?
He worked his passage on a sailing vessel that was making the trip from Auckland to San Francisco, and he arrived with a box of paints, an easel, and a dozen canvases.
Dozen of buildings including two Mosques were also swept away in the floods.
About 113,750 thousand dozens of knitwear exported in last 11 months of fiscal year 2018-19 as compared the 267,741 thousand dozens of same period last year, which was up by 8.84% in dollar terms.
During the period from July-October, 2018-19, garments exports from the country witnessed a 0.63 percent growth as about 14,303 thousand dozens of the readymade garments were exported as against exports of 12,011 thousand dozens of same period of last year.
"A dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for $1 is a sweet deal.
However, the knitwear exports during the period from July-September, 2018-19 grew by 9.80 percent as over 30,912 thousand dozen of the knitwear worth US$ 710.210 million exported as compared the exports of 25,587 thousand dozen valuing US$ 648.805 million of same period of last year, it added.
According to sources, at least a dozen passengers, including three women, three children and others were killed while one and half dozen commuters suffered serious injuries when a passenger coach heading to Punjab from Karachi, a van and a car collided with each other at Mehran Highway.
Two women were killed and about a dozen other people were taken to hospitals with injuries that were not life-threatening.